12 miracle AI tools

12 miracle AI tools (you can use today) that will change your entire life.

If you are not using AI, you’re losing out:

1 – It’s a chatbot that helps you with:

→Variety of tasks

→Answering questions

→Providing information on a wide range of all topics.

Here’s a sample of my chat with chatGPT.

2 – It’s a voice generator that helps you with:

→Generate a voice

→Generate a sounds

→That makes content more accessible & expressive

3 – It’s an AI Profile Picture Maker and

A generator that helps you with:

→Generate magical avatars

→Make your AI Picture

→You can be anything or anyone!

4 –

The perfect tool to automatically moderate the content.
Detect and filter unwanted content in photos, videos, and live streams.

5 –

Prisma unlocks a new level of developer experience.

When working with databases, thanks to their intuitive:

→Data model
→Automated migrations

Uipath makes software robots, so
people don’t have to be robots.

6 –

Helps with:

→Make software robots
→Save time and effort

7 –

Design stunning:

→Mobile apps

in minutes.

8 – Life’s too short for harmful software! Balsamiq helps with:



→Mobile apps


→Design great desktop software

9 – Save Time With Thousands of Customizable Video Intros

→Remove unwanted objects

→Custom Masks

→Image Masks

→Text Masks

→Motion Graphics

→Sound Effects

→Blending Modes

→Special Effects

10 – The Professional Website Builder You Can Call Your OwnTrusted by over 20,000 Agencies and SaaS Platforms.

11 – Build, train and deploy state-of-the-art models powered by the reference open source in machine learning.

12 – Write, schedule, and grow with the world’s most innovative AI Twitter tool.

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