13 techniques to get massively ahead in 2023 by using ChatGPT (ai)

ChatGPT is the Most Powerful AI tool. But most People don’t know how to use it for their Benefit. Here are 13 techniques to get massively ahead in 2023 by using ChatGPT:

1. Talk with any experts: Ask ChatGPT to become an expert in any field (entrepreneurs, teachers, guides, etc)

Note – The prompt “Let’s play a game” is really important to enter the conversation.

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It will answer everything related to business or entrepreneurship.

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2. Copywriting: I cracked the code on how to write a quality copy with ChatGPT. Here are the inputs I gave:

  1. Word count
  2. Product name
  3. Customer pain point
  4. Risk Reversal
  5. Call to action
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3. How to use ChatGPT in marketing to sell more and make more money in 2023.

ChatGPT combined with modern marketing is going to make people millions in 2023

4. Create Breathtaking Visuals: Tell ChatGPT to write in detail about what you want(describe Nike in ancient times) Then paste ChatGPT’s answer mid-journey. And you will get breathtaking visuals. Just try it by yourself…

5. Learn anything: ChatGPT will provide answers to any of your questions. You can use it to do your projects, school works, anything… You can ask it directly or paste links.

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6. 100 Awesome ChatGPT prompts that will change your

Here – Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

7. Go viral (most of the time) on youtube using ChatGPT in 2023

6 Ways to go VIRAL on YouTube by using ChatGPT

8. Travel with ease: Use this template to find any restaurants or hotels when you go for travel. Here are the inputs I gave to ChatGPT:

  • 1. Specific location
  • 2. Type of food
  • 3. Filter by your choice
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Here’s the answer:

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9. Brainstorm any idea: You can make ChatGPT generate a list of many new ideas for your next project in just 5 sec. Here are the inputs I gave:

  • 1. What
  • 2. Specific thing
  • 3. How many new ideas do you want
  • 4. Goal
  • 5. What you want it to do
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It is genius…

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10. {10 ChatGPT chrome extension to get ahead of 95% of people.}

10 insanely useful ChatGPT Chrome Extension you didn’t know you were missing until now (all Free)

It can do lots of things (copy-paste these prompts):

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11. Earn money by publishing books: Write books of any genre, style, characters, tone, settings, etc… Here are the inputs I gave to ChatGPT:

  • 1. Words count
  • 2. It’s topic
  • 3. What things do you like in it(you can add anything you want)
  • 4. Writing styles
  • 5. End addition
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12. How to create a full website with ChatGPT and mid-journey.

Here – AI-Inspired Web Design is INSANE! – Fast Tutorial

13. Summarize any books: You now have the power to get new ideas from books in just 5 or 8 seconds. Crazy… Prompts: Summarize the main points from “Influence” by Robert Cialdini. And pull me some great quotes from it.

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  • 1. Talk with any expert
  • 2. Copywriting
  • 3. ChatGPT in marketing
  • 4. Create Visuals
  • 5. Learn anything
  • 6. 100 ChatGPT prompts
  • 7. Go viral on youtube
  • 8. Travel with ease
  • 9. Brainstorm any idea
  • 10. (10 ChatGPT chrome extension)
  • 11. Earn money
  • 12. Create a full website
  • 13. Summarize

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