6 Ways to go VIRAL on YouTube by using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the Most Powerful AI tool. But most People don’t know how to use it for their Benefit. Here are 6 Ways to go VIRAL on YouTube by using ChatGPT:

1. Remake a Video: Just pick a video you liked and visit to get its transcript. Once done, bring that back to ChatGPT and tell it to summarize the transcript. Read the summary and make a video on that yourself. Have a look

2. Getting Ideas: Just search the term: Viral Video Ideas about “X” And it’ll give you a ton of ideas you can make a video on. It can really get you Viral because All ChatGPT will do is tell you what people are searching for on the internet. Have a look

3. Find Competitors: You got the YouTube idea, Now search that on the YouTube search bar to see who has already made a video about it. Find creators that are 1 step ahead of you and analyze what video took them ahead of you. Have a look

4. Title: Ever spent hours writing the Perfect title? Why not give that task to ChatGPT? Just search: Give me 10 YouTube titles about “idea” It’s gonna provide you with the best Title possible. Have a look

5. Script: Yeah, I know it sounds illegal, but You can also make ChatGPT write video scripts for you. Just Search: Write a Viral video script about the “topic” And your video script will be ready. (I won’t suggest you copy that entirely cause it’ll take away your authenticity)

6. Refine Your Script: Once you’ve done scripting your video, You can tell ChatGPT to make it:

  • • More Detailed
  • • Easier to Grasp
  • • More Informative
  • • More Professional

Just copy and paste your script and tell ChatGPT how you wanna make it. Have a look

7. Bonus Tip: ChatGPT combined with modern marketing is going to make people millions in 2023

TL;DR 6 ways to go Viral by using Chat GPT:

  • 1. Summarize any Video and Remake it
  • 2. Get Video Ideas
  • 3. Find Competitors
  • 4. Make it write your Title
  • 5. Get a script outline
  • 6. Refine your Script
  • 7. Bonus Tip

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