Ayyam e Fatimiyah The Lady Of Heaven Bibi Fatima a.s

AYYAM E FATIMIYAH (s.a): Antiquarians vary on the date of Shahadat of Bibi Fatima Zahra. Portrayals express that the date is either 75 days or 90 days after the wafat of the Heavenly Prophet (SAWW) which happened on 28th Safar 11 A.H. As per Sheik Abbas Qummi the date would either fall on the thirteenth/fourteenth/15th Jamadi ul Awal or 3rd Jamadi al Sani 11A.H.

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Ulama have empowered the recognition of the time of 20 days between these two dates committed as Ayyame Fatimiya to noticing the times of this lifted-up woman. These days are to review her temperances, moral and moral models as well as her misery, and rededicate to have our existences directed by her as a good example.

Medina is quiet in the evening. All Moslems are snoozing. The night is just broken by the tranquil whisperings of Ali. Ali is a lot alone both in the city and in his home without the Prophet and without Fatima. Like a moun¬tain of torment, he is sitting upon the earth of the grave of Fatima. Hours pass. Night, calm and quiet, pay attention to the aggravation of his whisperings. Baqiah is quiet, and lucky. Me¬dina is without steadfastness and ruined. All stay peacefully. The stirred graves and dozing city tunes in!
lines from “Fatima will be Fatima”
by Ali Shariati

ayyam e fatimiyah

Prophet saww: used to call Fatima (s.a) “Umme Abiha” and that implies the mother of her dad. The solid love the Blessed Prophet had for her gave ladies another status and incredible regard.
“Whenever I miss the smell of heaven, I smell Fatima (s.a)”
Prophet PBUH.

ayyam e fatimiyah

The Prophet (s) said, “When I long for the aroma of Heaven I smell the neck of Fatima.”

What is Ayyam e Fatimiyah?

Imam Sadiq (as) said: Fatima(s.a.) has been called Zahra on the grounds that the Celebrated Allah made her from His Wonderful Light. At the point when it sparkled, every one of the skies and the earth was brilliant with that light and the holy messenger’s eyes were shut, and they knelt before Allah. Then, at that point, they said:” O our Ruler and Expert, what is this light?”
Allah uncovered to them, “It is a light from My light, which is in Paradise. I took it from My Brilliance and put it in the lines of one of my Couriers, who is awesome. From this light, Imams will come, and who will be immovable in submission to My orders.” ( Bihar ul-Anwar, vol.43, p.12, 14, 15)

Ayyam-e-Fatima is a recognition of the time of roughly 20 days (during the wafat of Bibi Fatima) to celebrate our commended woman.

ASK understudies and educators met up at this event to review Bibi Fatima’s ideals, moral and moral models as well as her enduring to keep things in context and rededicate to have our existences with her as our good example.

Following the understudy’s show, Br Sadik Kassim gave a great short talk talking about how Allah loves excellence no matter what and this isn’t the outward actual magnificence yet the more significant inward excellence of our psyche and heart that drives every one of our activities in this world. He focused on the significance of graciousness, empathy, and love that radiates from such magnificence.

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