Birth of the lady of light, Al Fatima Zahra the lady of Heaven

Lady Fatima (s.a) was the only daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and Lady Khadija (s.a). She was born on Friday 20th Jamadi us-sani, five years after the Holy Prophet p.b.u.h declared his message.

The Holy Prophet had lost 2 sons, Qasim and Tahir, in infancy.

After the loss of Tahir, Makkans led by ‘Aas bin Wail, had ridiculed the Holy Prophet (saw) about his inability to leave any progeny.
Allah responded with the revelation of Surah Kausar (108) informing him that he would be gifted with excessive bounties..

whilst others would be the ‘abtar'(without progeny) that they taunted him with.
The Prophet was gifted with Lady Fatima (s.a) from whom there would be progeny like there never was before. Purity & excellence in Ahlulbayt like could never have been imagined. She is the promised Kausar.

One day after the Prophet had completed 40 days of meditation as ordered by Allah in a revelation, food was sent to him from heaven with a message of Allah’s reward to him of a child.
Lady Khadija (s.a) noticed a refreshing fragrance around her whilst she was pregnant with Fatima(s.a).

She narrated that the baby spoke to her while still in her womb.
When Lady Khadija (s) went into labour there was nobody willing to assist her during childbirth, because they opposed her support of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Most of the people in Makkah would not believe in Islam.

So, at the time of birth, Allah sent four ladies, who entered the house.
Lady Khadija (s) asked who they were, and one of them said: “I am your mother Eve.”
The second said:
“I am Aasiya, wife of Firaun,”
The third said: “I am Kulsoom, the sister of Prophet Musa.”

The fourth said:
“I am Maryam, the mother of Prophet Isa. We have come
to deliver your baby.

The baby was then born. The Holy Prophet (s) named her Fatima.
Lady Khadija (s) said: “Fatima was born in a halo of radiance and light.”
Both the
parents were very happy.

The Holy Prophet (s) said that he named his daughter Fatima because she and her followers are protected from the fire. Fatima comes from the ‘Arabic word ‘fatama’ which means to wean. She will wean them out of Jahannam into Jannah.

Unlike what was customary in those days, Lady Fatima (s) was nursed personally by her mother. She was not given to a wet nurse
Today her birthday is celebrated as “Mother’s Day” by many Shia families across the world. We should
celebrate her birthday by remembering & following her.

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