Boost Your SEO Score and Online Growth with 50 Free UK Directory Backlinks

Enhance your website’s visibility and SEO score by obtaining high-quality backlinks. Discover how credible directories can amplify your domain rating over time, earning Google’s trust and boosting your online presence.

Why Backlinks Matter to Google

Google values backlinks from other websites as they establish authenticity and credibility. The domain rating of the linking site influences the SEO juice transferred through the backlink.

Start Strong: 50 Top UK Directories to Elevate Your SEO Game

Begin your backlink journey by registering on reputable directories. Elevate your SEO and domain rating with our curated list of 50 UK directory sites. Google will take notice, and your online credibility will soar.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Directory Submissions

Consistency is key! Ensure uniformity in your business name, contact details, and descriptions across all directories. Follow this simple process to list your website:

  1. URL
  2. Title
  3. Meta Description
  4. Category
  5. Email
  6. Keywords

Free Directory Submissions: A Cost-Effective SEO Strategy

Benefit from free directory submissions, which require an investment of time rather than money. Many of these directories can also drive referral traffic, further boosting your SEO score.

Explore Paid and Reciprocal Directories for a Comprehensive SEO Approach

Paid and reciprocal directories can also contribute positively to your SEO strategy. However, for higher Google rankings, consider adopting a broader SEO plan.

Your Essential List of 50 Free UK Directories for Quality SEO Backlinks

WebsiteDomain Authority (DA)Descriptions
118118.com49Get business insights and listings.
192.com76People search and directory.
Accrington Observer45Local news and events in UK.
Apple Maps97Apple’s map and navigation service.
Batley News41Local news and updates.
Bing Places78Microsoft’s local business portal.
Birmingham Mail79Latest news and headlines.
Birmingham Post71Business and regional news.
Burton Mail70Local news and updates.
Central Index73UK business directory and reviews.
Chester Chronicle70UK Local news and events.
Chronicle Live78North East England news and updates.
Coventry Telegraph75News, sport, and lifestyle.
Crewe Chronicle50UK Local news and events.
Cylex74Business directory and reviews.
Derby Telegraph73Derbyshire news and updates.
Dewsbury Reporter45UK Local news and events.
Examiner73Huddersfield and West Yorkshire news.
Facebook Business Manager100Manage your business on Facebook.
Four Square92Discover and review local businesses.
Free Index85UK business directory and reviews.
Gazette Live74UK Local news and events.
Google My Business98Get your business on Google Search.
Grimsby Telegraph69News and updates from Grimsby.
Hinckley Times50UK Local news and events.
Hot Frog69Online business directory.
Leicester Mercury75Leicester news and events.
Lincolnshire Live63News and events from Lincolnshire.
Liverpool Echo80Liverpool news, sport, and more.
London Evening Standard89London’s leading news source.
Loughborough Echo54News and updates from Loughborough.
Macclesfield Express49UK Local news and events.
Manchester Evening News82News, sport, and events from Manchester.
My Local Services63UK local business directory.
Nottingham Post75News, sport, and events from Nottingham.
Pontefract & Castleford Express46Local news and events in UK.
Pixel Puppet31Digital design and branding agency.
Rossendale Free Press44News and updates from Rossendale.
Scoot75UK business directory.
Scunthorpe Telegraph59News and events from Scunthorpe.
Show Me Local74Find and rate local businesses.
Stoke Sentinel83Stoke-on-Trent news and events.
Touch Local73Local business search and reviews.
Tupalo71Discover the best local businesses.
Wakefield Express56News and updates from Wakefield.
Wales Online82News, sport, and events from Wales.
Web Design Directory54Find web designers and agencies.
Where To? by Future Tap50Local recommendations app.
Yell91UK business directory and reviews.
Yelp82User reviews and recommendations.

Maximize Your SEO Potential: Leverage the Power of UK Directories

Embrace these free UK directories to create a robust backlink profile, strengthen your domain rating, and boost your SEO score. Elevate your website’s visibility and authority, making it a force to be reckoned with in the online world.


Q 1: What are SEO backlinks and why are they important?

Answer: SEO backlinks are incoming links from one website to another. They are important because search engines like Google use them to assess the credibility and authority of a website, which can impact its search engine rankings.

Q 2: How do backlinks from directories improve SEO?

Answer: Backlinks from reputable directories can improve SEO by providing your website with authoritative references. These links contribute to your site’s credibility and domain authority, positively impacting its search engine ranking.

Q 3: Are all directory backlinks free?

Answer: No, while many directories offer free listings, some may charge for premium listings or additional features. It’s important to review the directory’s terms and pricing before submitting your website.

Q 4: Can directory backlinks lead to referral traffic?

Answer: Yes, some directory backlinks can lead to referral traffic, especially if the directory has a relevant audience. Users who visit the directory and click on your link could become potential visitors to your website.

Q 5: How do I ensure consistency across all directories?

Answer: To ensure consistency, maintain the same business name, contact details, and description across all directories. This consistency enhances your online reputation and SEO efforts.

Q 6: Should I focus only on directory backlinks for SEO?

Answer: While directory backlinks are valuable, a comprehensive SEO strategy involves a variety of tactics. Incorporating content creation, keyword optimization, and other off-page and on-page strategies is recommended for better results.

Q 7: Are reciprocal and paid directories worth considering?

Answer: Reciprocal and paid directories can provide additional exposure, but they should be part of a well-rounded SEO approach. Diversify your backlink profile by including a mix of directory, guest posting, and natural backlinks.

Q 8: How can I track the impact of directory backlinks on my SEO?

Answer: Use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor changes in your website’s traffic, rankings, and search appearance. These tools can help you assess the effectiveness of your directory backlinks.

Q 9: Can I list my business on multiple categories within a directory?

Answer: It depends on the directory’s guidelines. Some directories allow businesses to be listed in multiple categories if they are relevant. However, make sure each listing accurately represents your business.

Q 10: How often should I update my directory listings?

Answer: Regularly review and update your directory listings to ensure accuracy. If there are changes to your business information, such as a new address or phone number, update it promptly across all directories to maintain consistency and avoid confusion.

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