Fadak and Bibi Fatima’s (s.a) Protest

Fadak was the land that was given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) after the Battle of Khayber, which he (p.b.u.h) gave to his daughter Bibi Fatima (s.a) as a gift. Money from Fadak was collected by her to help the poor.

As long as the Prophet lived, Bibi Fatima (s.a) owned Fadak. But After Prophet’s (p.b.u.h) death, Fadak was taken away from Bibi Fatima (s.a) by the rulers of that time against the Prophet’s will. Her staff was thrown out though she was the owner. She was asked to find witnesses.

But Bibi Fatima (s.a) stood up to defend her right. With a group of women, she went to the masjid and delivered a speech, protesting against the rulers in Madina. She explained that the arguments that were used against her were false.

Bibi Fatima (s.a) quoted from Ayats of the Quran to show that she had every right to inherit from her father, the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h). She reminded them to fear Allah and added: “O people, Be informed that I am Fatima, and my father is Muhammad.”

She was sad that though they had the means and the power, they did not help. “Yet the call reaches you but you do not answer, the cry comes to you but you do not come to help.”

She reminded them to fear Allah and to follow the Quran which they had ignored. Allah is watching and soon the unjust will be punished. She ended the speech warning them of severe punishment: “So act and so will we, and wait and we shall wait.”

Fadak was not returned to Bibi Fatima (s.a) though they realized that she was speaking the truth. Bibi Fatima (s.a) has shown us that we must protest when the rights of the Imam of the time are denied through injustice. We can’t stay silent over the injustice at all times.

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