Here are 10 of the best Youtube channels to learn how to code

Coding is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. From CSS, JavaScript, and Python to Blockchain. Here are 10 of the best Youtube channels to learn how to code:

1. FreeCodeCamp: FreeCodeCamp is one of the best YouTube channels related to programming. On FreeCodeCamp, you can find Courses on different programming languages and topics which cover all topics in depth.

2. Web Dev Simplified: Web Dev Simplified is a coding youtube channel run by Kyle. Kyle provides amazing videos on different topics related to coding ( JavaScript, React, and CSS ) in a very simple-to-understand way which is very good for beginners.

3. The Net Ninja: The net Ninja YouTube channel is one of my favorite coding channels on YouTube run by a guy named Shaun. His videos are so amazing and I really suggest beginners start their coding journey by accessing this channel.

4. CS50 by Havard University: CS50 is a nonprofit channel on YouTube where you can get free lectures from one of the best universities in the world: Harvard University-related computer programming languages.

5. Developed By Ed: Developed by Ed provides some amazing content on Html, CSS, and JavaScript. I suggest this channel to those who want to learn about basic fundamentals and deep-dive topics like Animations and Web API’s.

6. Dapp University: Dapp University is one of the best YouTube channels where you can learn about Web 3.0 You will find basic courses from Blockchain to how to make your own decentralized application absolutely free.

7. PedroTech: Pedrotech is my favorite YouTube channel for learning React. If you want to learn and master REACT without getting stuck in the tutorial Hell then go with this channel.

8. JavaScript Mastery: Javascript Mastery channel provides some amazing free courses on languages like JavaScript, and React JS and also full 10 hours long Courses related to Web 3.0

9. Programming With Mosh: The programming with Mosh YouTube channel provides deep dive topics videos on Python. You can learn about all topics related to Python on this one channel.

10. Clever Programmer: Clever programming channel provides 10+ courses on coding. You can watch this channel if you want to build real-world projects like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tinder-like web applications.

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