How to learn React? From beginner to professional

React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and it is often used for building single-page applications and mobile applications. If you are new to React, a good place to start is the official documentation, which provides a tutorial and other resources for getting started with React.

There are also many online resources and courses available that can help you learn React, including video tutorials on YouTube. Some popular options include the React documentation, the React video tutorial series on the YouTube channel, and the “React – The Complete Guide” course on Udemy.

It’s important to note that learning React is just one aspect of becoming a skilled web developer. In addition to React, you should also consider learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as other technologies that are commonly used in web development such as Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.

React is one of the highest paid skill in the IT industry. If you want to master React fast, watch these YouTube videos:

1. Modern React Web Development Full Course – 12 Hours, This ultimate course will help you become a master of Modern React by Building Real Projects. With the help of this course, you will build 4 Real Industry Web Applications. Check here 👇

Modern React Web Development Full Course – 12 Hours

2. React Course – Beginner’s Tutorial for React JavaScript Library [2022], All developer will probably mention Free Code Camp when asked about their favourite coding resources. This React course is the best choice , if you need high quality content.

React Course – Beginner’s Tutorial for React JavaScript Library [2022]

3. React Course For Beginners – Learn React in 8 Hours, PedroTech is a channel that makes learning React so simple and fun. His free 8 hour video is packed with everything you need to start building with React.

React Course For Beginners

4. 9-hour React JS for Beginners Course, This React JS Full Course for Beginners is a detailed tutorial for new programmers that includes nearly 9 hours of React JS code and guidance.

9-hour React JS for Beginners Course

5. React tutorials by Dipesh Malvia, This playlist is so well-structured by Dipesh that you can easily learn React even if you are just coming from a JavaScript Background.

React tutorials by Dipesh Malvia

6. The ultimate React 101 by Scrimba, Solving 140+ interactive code tasks and creating eight entertaining projects will teach you the fundamentals of current React.

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Learning React can be a challenging but rewarding experience. As with any new technology, it will take time and practice to master. However, there are many resources available to help you get started and stay motivated along the way. The official React documentation is a great place to start, and there are also many online tutorials, courses, and video series available to help you learn the basics and beyond. It can also be helpful to work on small projects or exercises to apply what you have learned and solidify your understanding. As you become more comfortable with React, you may want to consider diving into more advanced topics such as performance optimization, testing, and deployment. With dedication and persistence, you can become proficient in React and use it to build sophisticated and dynamic user interfaces for the web.

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