List of 300+ Curated AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized numerous industries, offering a spectrum of tools that streamline tasks, augment decision-making, and boost productivity. The landscape of AI tools is vast, ranging from programming aids to marketing, sales, writing, and design tools. Let’s dive into an extensive list curated across various categories, encompassing over 300+ AI tools designed to enhance workflows, creativity, and problem-solving across industries.

Programming AI Tools


Tabsnine is an AI-powered code completion tool that integrates with various IDEs, leveraging machine learning to predict and complete code snippets, simplifying the coding process.

OpenAI Codex:

OpenAI Codex is a powerful AI system that interprets and generates code based on natural language, aiding developers in writing code snippets more efficiently.

GitHub Copilot:

GitHub Copilot serves as an AI-powered assistant within the development environment, providing code suggestions and autocompletions to developers.

AI Commit:

AI Commit facilitates automated code commits, leveraging AI to analyze changes and suggest commits, optimizing version control workflows.


DeepCode applies AI to analyze code, identify issues, and offer suggestions to improve code quality and prevent potential bugs.


AI2Sql is an AI-driven tool specifically designed for automating SQL query generation and streamlining database operations.


Replit incorporates AI to assist developers with code writing, debugging, and collaborating within an integrated development environment.


Akkio is an AI-powered platform focusing on automating workflows, offering predictive analytics, and aiding in decision-making processes.


Httpie integrates AI to streamline HTTP requests, simplifying API interactions and providing intelligent suggestions.


Mutable is an AI platform catering to various sectors, offering solutions for data processing, analysis, and predictive modeling.


Sheetplus is an AI-driven tool designed for spreadsheet management, enabling automation and smart data handling within sheets.


ExcelFormulaBot leverages AI to generate Excel formulas, aiding users in creating complex calculations efficiently.

Marketing Tools


Frase offers AI-driven content optimization and creation tools, aiding marketers in SEO, content strategy, and generating valuable content.


Bertha utilizes AI for market research and insights, enabling businesses to gather comprehensive data for informed decision-making.


ContentEdge leverages AI for content generation, assisting marketers in creating engaging and SEO-friendly content effortlessly.


ChatGPT3 is an AI chatbot that engages users in natural language conversations, catering to customer queries and interactions.


Hemingwayapp uses AI to analyze and improve written content, providing suggestions to enhance readability and clarity.

Surfer SEO:

Surfer SEO incorporates AI for on-page optimization, enabling marketers to create SEO-friendly content based on data-driven insights.


Ponzu is an AI-powered platform focused on social media marketing, assisting in content creation and audience engagement.


Jasper offers AI-driven marketing automation tools, enabling personalized marketing campaigns and customer interactions.

Copy Smith:

Copy Smith applies AI for copywriting, generating high-quality marketing copy and content tailored to specific requirements.


PepperType leverages AI for content creation, aiding marketers in producing engaging and persuasive content.


Scalenut offers AI-powered content marketing solutions, focusing on content ideation, creation, and distribution.


Mutiny employs AI for personalizing marketing campaigns, optimizing messaging to target specific audiences effectively.


Simplified provides AI writing tools for marketers, streamlining content creation processes across various platforms.


MoonBeam utilizes AI for influencer marketing, aiding businesses in identifying, engaging, and collaborating with influencers.


Smartly incorporates AI for advertising automation, optimizing ad performance and campaign management.

Seventh Sense:

Seventh Sense applies AI for email marketing optimization, scheduling emails for optimal delivery times.

Copy AI:

Copy AI offers AI-powered copywriting tools for marketers, enabling quick and effective content generation.


MarketMuse employs AI for content planning and optimization, aiding marketers in content strategy development.


WriteSonic utilizes AI for content creation, generating blog posts, articles, and marketing copies.


Phrasee applies AI for marketing copywriting, optimizing email subject lines and content for better engagement.

Sales Tools


Creatext incorporates AI for sales communication and outreach, aiding in crafting personalized messages and sales pitches.


Exceed offers AI-driven sales assistant tools, automating conversations and follow-ups in the sales process.


Creaitor employs AI for lead generation and sales prospecting, optimizing the identification of potential customers.


Twain is an AI sales tool that aids in customer relationship management (CRM) and sales pipeline management.


Lavender incorporates AI for sales intelligence, providing insights and analytics for better decision-making in sales strategies.


Regie utilizes AI for sales forecasting, analyzing data to predict sales trends and outcomes.


People employ AI for sales productivity, offering tools for sales analytics and performance optimization.


Smartwriter is an AI-powered tool focusing on sales content creation and optimization.


Octane applies AI for e-commerce and sales automation, offering tools for customer engagement and support.


Warmer incorporates AI for sales engagement, assisting in personalized outreach and relationship building with prospects.

Writing AI Tools

Copy AI:

Copy AI offers AI-driven copywriting tools for various writing needs, from marketing to creative content generation.


Jasper employs AI for content creation, aiding in generating engaging and relevant written content.


WriteSonic is an AI-powered tool designed for content creation, offering solutions for various writing requirements.


ChatGPT3 serves as an AI writing assistant, capable of generating coherent and contextually relevant text.


Headlime leverages AI for headline generation, assisting writers in creating catchy and effective headlines.


PepperType applies AI for content creation, aiding writers in generating persuasive and engaging text.


MarkCopy is an AI-driven copywriting tool focused on creating marketing and advertising content.


Quillbot offers AI-powered paraphrasing tools, aiding writers in rephrasing and improving text readability.


Rytr is an AI writing assistant, capable of generating content across various formats and styles.


MoonBeam utilizes AI for content creation, catering to various writing needs for different platforms.


Simplified provides AI writing tools for writers, offering solutions for content creation and ideation.

Lex Page:

Lex Page incorporates AI for content summarization and generation, aiding writers in creating concise content.

Copy Smith:

Copy Smith employs AI for copywriting, offering solutions for various content creation needs.


Subtxt is an AI-powered tool focusing on screenwriting and dialogue generation for creative content.

Ellie Email Assistant:

Ellie Email Assistant serves as an AI-powered email writing assistant, aiding users in crafting effective emails.


Wordtune utilizes AI for rewriting and improving text, offering suggestions for better phrasing and clarity.


Sudowrite is an AI writing assistant offering tools for various writing genres and styles.


Novel employs AI for creative writing, aiding authors and writers in generating compelling narratives.


Compose incorporates AI for content generation across multiple domains, catering to diverse writing needs.

With this expansive list of AI tools across different categories, industries can harness the power of artificial intelligence to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and drive innovation in various domains.


1. How do AI tools benefit marketers? AI tools in marketing offer enhanced data analysis, content creation, and customer engagement, aiding marketers in crafting targeted campaigns and improving ROI.

2. Which AI tool is suitable for code completion in programming? Tabnine and GitHub Copilot are prominent AI tools for code completion and snippet suggestions in programming.

3. Are there AI tools specifically designed for sales engagement? Yes, tools like Exceed, Warmer, and focus on sales engagement and productivity, assisting in personalized outreach and CRM.

4. How can writers benefit from AI writing tools? AI writing tools like Copy AI, Rytr, and Quillbot aid writers in content creation, paraphrasing, and improving text quality across various styles and genres.

5. Can AI tools assist in content summarization? Yes, tools like Lex Page and Subtxt employ AI for content summarization, condensing information into concise formats suitable for various purposes.

6. What distinguishes ChatGPT3 from other AI writing assistants? ChatGPT3 stands out for its conversational capabilities, context understanding, and coherent text generation, making it suitable for interactive applications and natural language processing tasks.

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