The night of 9th Muharram (Shab e Ashoor)

The night of 9th Muharram is called Shab e Ashoor. The Ashaab e Hussain (a.s), the Ansaare Hussain (a.s) and the Aulaade Hussain (a.s) the companions, the helplers and the children of Imam Hussian (a.s) were all ready to save the message of Islam.

Shimr arrived in Karbala on 9th Muharram. Umar ibne Saad decided that he would fight against Imam Hussain (a.s). They started to attack Imam Hussain (a.s) the same night and started to march towards tents.

When Umar ibn Saad’s army started coming towards the camp of Imam Imam Hussain (a.s), the Imam sent his brother Abbas to talk to them. They said “Bayat or fight.” Hazrat Abbas (a.s) said “Don’t move. I will ask Imam Hussain’s reply and bring it back to you.”

Such was the valour of Hazrat Abbas (a.s) that the whole army just stopped by the line, which he had drawn on the and. The Imam said “Abbas, ask that we have one more night’s time. I would like to spend it in prayer.” Hazrat Abbas (a.s) took Imam’s message to them and it was agreed.

Imam then called everyone in his camp and told them, “May Allah reward you for helping me. There will be war tomorrow. You can save your lives. You are all free to leave me.” He then asked that candle be put out, so that people who wanted to leave could go, while it was dark.

Those who stayed with the Imam were ready to give up all they had. They promised the Imam they would never leave him : “If I had a thousand lives I would sacrifice them all for you.” Hazrat Qasim (a.s) said “Death is sweeter than honey.”The night passed in dua and prayer.

Hazrat Abbas (a.s) kept guard round the tent, so that everyone was safe. The ladies talked to each of their brave sons, telling them, “Be ready for tomorrow. Don’t let me down when you face the enemy.”Imam Hussain (a.s), after prayers, went round the tents to see each of them.

Bibi Zainab (s.a) was talking to Aun o Muhammad (a.s). Bibi Laila (s.a) looked at her handsome 18 years old son, Ali Akbar (a.s). He could hear a cry in the desert air and knew it was just like the sound of his mother Bibi Fatima’s (s.a) voice, weeping at the fate of her dear children.

The children were restless with the growing thirst. Bibi Sakina (s.a) was waiting for her father so that she could sleep on his chest. Hazrat Ali Asghar (a.s), barely six months old, was so thirsty that he could hardly move.

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