The Tablespread – Dastarkhwan e Imam Hassan (a.s)

Dastar Khuwan e Imam Hasan (a) is a Niyaz in the name of Imam Hassan (a.s) which is celebrated on 22nd of Jamadi-us-Sani. It is Commonly known as Hara Dastarkhwan because most items on it are of green color associated with Imam Hassan (a.s). This Niyaz is full of barakah and sawab.

Imam Hassan (a.s) was extremely generous and
gave away all his funds in the
way of Allah. No one went away from his door empty handed. He
sat down with the poorest of
poor when they invited him to
share food with them.

One day a stranger came to Madina and when he was offered the same dried bread that Imam Ali (a.s) was eating, found it too hard to chew. When he went to the tablespread/Dastarkhwan of Imam Hassan (a.s), he started collecting morsels in a bag as he ate his food.

Imam Hassan (a.s) enquired “Brother you can eat as much as you like. Why are you collecting more?”The man said he had just seen someone who was breaking bread that was very hard and dry and wanted to take it to him.

Imam Hassan (a.s)
smiled and said “Don’t you know
that he is my father who has always eaten so. He provides all
this for others.”

Even today, visitors still eat at
the “Dastarkhwan” of Imam Hassan (a.s)
in Madina.

Procedure –
One has to perform Ghusl and Ablution/Wudhu. Then decorate the dastarkhwan/tablespread with cuisines, flowers, candles, Incense sticks.
Try to put green dish or green color sweet, fruit etc and then perform the NAZAR. [before Maghrib]

Perform the Nazar by saying –
3 Times Salawat
1 Time Surah Fatiha
3 Times Surah Ikhlas
3 Times Salawat

And then do dua for yourself, family and friends.
May Allah put Barakah in our Rizq by the right of Imam Hassan (a.s). 💚

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