To K-Electric: Request for Review and Reschedule Load-Shedding Time.


Sub: Request for Review and Reschedule Load-Shedding Time.


Your company’s load-shedding schedule is well known to you. I hope you are aware of the midnight load-shedding schedule, which has become an agony, mental and physical torture for school-age children, parents, and those who have to go to work.
Currently, load shedding occurs between 1-2 a.m. and 3-4 a.m in my area(Jaffar e Tayyar Malir), which means that we sleep after 4 a.m. and then have to wake up early, which is torturous.
Karachi residents are aware of your capabilities and load management efficiency. As a result, it is requested that you reschedule and manage your load-shedding time during the day rather than at midnight.

On behalf of the people of Jaffar e Tayyar Malir Karachi.

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6 thoughts on “To K-Electric: Request for Review and Reschedule Load-Shedding Time.

  1. Kindly change load shedding timings from mid night to day time. Children and workers can not go to school and offices respectively. Thank you for your kind considetation. Thank You

  2. Agreed… This is really being torturous as we can’t take proper sleep and can’t work efficiently in work place. Everyone please forward this.

  3. Assalam o Alaikum, kindly review our loadshedding timings it’s almost more than 10 hours. Our mental health is in crumbles, physical health is deteriorating, we can’t eat in peace and it’s straight up human rights violation. KElectric shouldn’t be the monopolistic industry. We are suffering from ways we cannot even imagine, kindly end this suffering and end loadshedding or atleast review the timings
    Location : Gulistan e Jauhar, Block 18

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