These 10 free APIs will take your programming projects to the next level

  1. DummyAPI:

From fake users to fake comments and posts.

Dummy API has everything you need to make your app look like it’s bustling with real user activity.

Say goodbye to hard-coded JSON data 👋


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  • 2. Mapbox:

Building a location-based project? this is the API for you!

Used by well-known companies like Strava so you know their API is top quality.

Their free-tier threshold is very generous that you can use Mapbox without paying a cent.


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  1. Sejda

Ever had to download a PDF just to read or edit it? Only to upload the changes again.

Don’t let your users endure this poor UX.

With Sejda’s API, you can read and edit PDFs straight from your web app.


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4. Unsplash API

If you need photos for your app, this is the API to use.4.6M royalty-free photos.Most powerful photo engine in the world, surfacing all the data you’ll need to build any experience for your users.Well-built modern JSON API.


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  1. Fake Store API

An e-commerce store is a great project to have and it just got easier with Fake Store API.

Forget about spinning up the backend and database and focus on building cart, wishlists, recommendations and other functionalities💡


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  1. Serp API

The possibilities are endless when you have the power of Google and other search engines behind you.

Serp API makes this all possible.

Image what you can build with that power!


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  1. Shrtcode API

Creating a shortened links feature? This API is for you.

Features a simple JSON REST API.


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  1. Mailboxlayer

Simple and powerful JSON API offering instant email address validation & verification.

Use the free tier for email validation on projects.

Improve email deliverability.


  1. Movie DB API (TMDB)

This API is epic!

It’s got so much data, well documented, and allows you to create incredible apps like a Netflix clone.

And it’s completely free.

Just attribute them in your application.


  1. Auth0 API

Auth0 is a great way to implement OAuth or single-sign-on (SSO).

SSO gives the user the ability to sign up or sign via a 3rd party application like Facebook or Google.

This is a great feature to add to a larger project.


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