ChatGPT for UI/UX design: Let’s see how AI may help us, designers, in our daily workflow

Let’s see how AI may help us, designers, in our daily workflow. ChatGPT for UI/UX design: Many of us have already tried to test AI chat to get some results usable for design work. Here are the 20 tips that will show you some practical use cases.

1. Generate copy for a website or section


2. Optimize already created copy

3. Get ideas for page layout or wireframe

4. Find proper usability testing methods for specific apps or website

5. Ideas to optimize your design workflow

6. Find the best tools to learn

7. Find the best design resources to use

8. Find places to master design

9. Figure out how to explain complex design terms to team members.

10. Explain design terms to non-tech people.

11. Search for design trends

12. Get ideas for design presentation

13. Find tips to lead workshops

14. Generate sample user flow

15. Get ideas to optimize the experience

16. Get a copy for error messages

17. Optimize copy for the specific tone of voice

18. Write a product brief

19. Write design system documentation

20. Get real data for design research.

If you would like to get 100+ more tips, or dive deeper into the topic. I’ve collected these practical usage samples in the blog posts:

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